More Stansborough: experiment with combing oil

Despite an incredibly busy schedule the last couple of weeks, I did get in another round of combing of the Stansborough Grey. I decided to try combing with oil, especially with the radiator heat drying out the air and causing static of epic proportions. I used my usual recipe, albeit a little heavier on the water this time. Loaded up with locks:

I then fluffed apart the locks to get a more even distribution of the combing solution, otherwise you risk coating the other layer while the inner section stays completely dry.

Still pretty fluffy after one pass, so I responded with more sprays. I think I overdid it, as I’ll get to later:

After each pass I collected the shorter waste fibres:

In the end, after three passes, I had a couple of tight, dense birds’ nests of top and a neat pile of waste:

I got a little oil-happy and overdid the spraying between each pass. Pulling the top off through the diz was hard and the fibres did not want to slip past each other. They were way too loose and slippy without oil, so I know there’s a happy medium here. Next time I’ll use less combing oil, especially on the last pass. I’m looking forward to finally spinning this stuff!

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3 Responses to More Stansborough: experiment with combing oil

  1. Talia says:

    Interesting results. I used a water spray and 3 passes. Here is a pic of my puff balls. I think mine are fluffier looking because I used 4 pitch Teal English combs. Have you tried using a plain water spray?

    • Leslie says:

      Haven’t tried plain water, though that’s an interesting idea. You would’ve had fewer short fibres left with those 4-pitch combs, but I don’t think they’d necessarily be fluffier–I think I just went way overboard :)

  2. Karen says:

    Sorry, Leslie–those combs still terrify me! :)

    But interesting about the oil–and the resulting top looks beautiful.

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