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Hello little moribund fibre blog… haven’t forgotten you. Back very soon. xo.

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Late summer travels

School starts again tomorrow, so I’m glad to have spent the end of my summer relaxing in Montreal. I worked on some embroidery, taught myself how to crochet, and did a lot of lazing around in the parks of the … Continue reading

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Spinning embroidery thread

            Just a quick peek at one of my big projects completed this past year, a hand-embroidered piece made with all hand-prepped, handspun alpaca thread. This is a sample of the finished thread, with a … Continue reading

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Grab bags from Darrell Thomas

Ottawa’s not a great place to buy fabric. Last time I asked someone where the best place to buy fabric was, the answer I received was, “Montreal.” If you’ve got a little money to burn, however, there is one great … Continue reading

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Combing with oil

Last time I combed mohair locks (again, for embroidery thread) I was frustrated with the how static made the slick fibres fly all over the place.  It was a little difficult to control, both in the combing and spinning, so … Continue reading

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Mohair embroidery thread

I frequently buy dyed mohair locks from a local angora goat farm, Wellington Fibres, for my intermediate spinning class. As part of my recent fascination with embroidery, I tried out the mohair as a potential material for thread, with fairly … Continue reading

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Spinning for embroidery

Shortly I’ll post about my a trip I took to the Laurentians back in August, which included a stop at Laurentian Alpacas, the source of the fibre for the project in this post. For now, though, a bit about my … Continue reading

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