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What I’m up to

Very little fibre arts happening for me these days, but I do have plans to change that. For now, I keep a little spindle around with some fluff attached: This is one of Malcolm Fielding’s Turkish spindles, made of camphor … Continue reading

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Upcoming workshop in Montreal

Assuming passable weather, I will be teaching a Beginner Spinning on a Drop Spindle workshop at the end of May in Montreal. Details are still a bit fuzzy–it will be Saturday May 28 or Sunday May 29 (whichever has the … Continue reading

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Photography on fabric?

Back in the Before Times, my friend Merlin and I were planning to go spend a week in Rochester, NY, in a workshop at the Eastman Museum. They offer some wild photography workshops modelled on George Eastman’s early experiments, like … Continue reading

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oh hey I’m cool again

Granny knitting blogs are back in style, according to some techbros who unsuccessfully tried to break into the knitting world and “improve it” this week. So here I am. Among the many new skills I cultivated once things like going … Continue reading

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I’ve been embroidering for a while now. It started as a way to get some instant gratification through spinning very small bits of fibre and immediately being able to use them for a project, unlike the months of spinning it’s … Continue reading

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September sweater

Back in the spring I had this grand idea that by fall, it would be safe enough to travel to Montreal for a short vacation. Take my journals and cameras, stay in a fancy hotel downtown, grab a drink with … Continue reading

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GC Reads – 1

Well now for something completely different. This has nothing to do with fibre arts, but rather my main gig, which is genetic counseling. And the teaching of GC students. Why here? Well, I own the domain, and given all the … Continue reading

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