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This is really just a test to see if I can post from my phone, as I’m settled in a park in Montreal with a beer (and wisely, no knitting). I washed the skein above, possibly permanently dyeing my bathtub … Continue reading

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Dye, dye my darling

(With apologies to the Misfits.)               After 12+ years in fibre arts–dabbling (and serious study) in spinning, knitting, weaving, crocheting, and more–I’ve never really gotten into dyeing. Always one to ruin a good time … Continue reading

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FO: Hey Hey, My My

              Compared to my progress on other knitted items, my version of Reiko Kuwamura’s Hey Hey, My My went by very quickly–I started it in April, worked on it mostly in June, and cast … Continue reading

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More Montreal

It’s late (well, Toronto late) and I’m done work for the night. I’m thinking about my next trip to Montreal, which is coming right up, and about the last one, whose memories still flood my daydreams regularly. In lieu of … Continue reading

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