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Future of the blog…

I first started blogging in 2004; this assumes you don’t count my original forays onto “online diary” sites in the late 90s, and Livejournal throughout my time at Wellesley. I remember graduating and keeping the LJ alive for a while, … Continue reading

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New article in Spin-Off

Happy to announce a new article in Spin-Off, profiling one of my favourite spindle makers, Malcolm Fielding of The Spindle Shop. That’s my own spindle in the photo, in nearly metallic satin sycamore wood, in its home in a vintage … Continue reading

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New article in Spin & Knit

There’s a new issue of Spin & Knit from Interweave/F + W, and I’m happy to say I have an article in it. Using my own experience of knitting with my handspun for ten years, as well as some tips … Continue reading

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              Several months back I bought this braid of merino/yak blend fiber from A Verb for Keeping Warm. The faint blue tinge is a light indigo overdye, and while the fiber has sat pretty … Continue reading

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In my five-plus years of spinning, I’ve never worked with cotton. Dissuaded by other people who called it a difficult fibre (and my own dislike of the feeling of the cotton stuffed in pill bottles–such a dislike turns out to … Continue reading

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I really loved the photostory of the farm in the newest Twist Collective, everything from the setting to the model to the photography itself. I only just recently realized, however, that it was shot at Roxham Farm, which I visited … Continue reading

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My visit to Laurentian Alpacas

It was just about a year ago that I took my camera, checkbook, and a printout from Google maps and headed for the Laurentian Mountains in Qu├ębec. I was starting to get the idea for my Spin Off article, and … Continue reading

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