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More Stansborough: experiment with combing oil

Despite an incredibly busy schedule the last couple of weeks, I did get in another round of combing of the Stansborough Grey. I decided to try combing with oil, especially with the radiator heat drying out the air and causing … Continue reading

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Stansborough Grey, first combing

That’s my first combful of the Stansborough, in the dark grey colour. For experimenting I probably should’ve used the mid grey, since that’s what I have the most of, but that would’ve required careful planning. I decided on two passes, … Continue reading

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Stansborough Grey, again

Given that I just taught a course on fibre prep, I figured I ought to do a little prep of my own with the Stansborough Grey fleece I bought recently from International Fleeces. I actually bought a bit more (well, … Continue reading

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Stansborough Grey

For a few years I’ve made an effort to work with local fibres as much as possible, buying fleece from local farms more often I order from somewhere outside Ontario/Quebec. Once in a while, though, something comes up that I … Continue reading

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