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Advice to myself, about four years ago

Once I really got the hang of spinning, I wanted to spin everything. In my effort to spin as many different fibres as possible, I bought a wide variety to try out. Rather than buy project-sized amounts of one or … Continue reading

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Don’t thank me, really

Every year my alma mater, Wellesley College, hits me up for money in their annual giving drive. And every year since my Wellesley degree has led to a decent income, I’ve given a (very) small donation. It’s something I’m happy … Continue reading

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Silica crystals continued, or yarn weight and humidity

It’s a week since I decided to test how much moisture could be pulled out of a skein of yarn by sealing it up with desiccant. Today I pulled out the skein and weighed it, and it was right at … Continue reading

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My visit to Laurentian Alpacas

It was just about a year ago that I took my camera, checkbook, and a printout from Google maps and headed for the Laurentian Mountains in Qu├ębec. I was starting to get the idea for my Spin Off article, and … Continue reading

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The many uses of silica crystals

I wanted to enter a skein at Taos this year, specifically the second skein of Jacob wool that didn’t turn out quite the same as the first. The two skeins, with the slightly finer-spun one in front. I was quite … Continue reading

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ParcoDon #13

Like many cities, Montreal has recently stopped using traditional parking meters in favour of a “Pay and Go” system. Denver and San Francisco use their old parking meters as a way to collect funds for charities that benefit the homeless … Continue reading

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Sheep to shawl in Dunvegan

Looking back through archived newsletters from the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners, I see that a number of smaller guilds in the province have closed or merged in recent years due to dwindling membership. In most cases it’s a case of … Continue reading

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