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Very little fibre arts happening for me these days, but I do have plans to change that. For now, I keep a little spindle around with some fluff attached:

This is one of Malcolm Fielding’s Turkish spindles, made of camphor laurel so it is both lightweight and smells lovely! The fluff is some kind of long wool, dyed with locally foraged plants. And I do mean local, as in foraged from the streets of Toronto. I have been building up a little stash of these spun threads for use in embroidery–the palette is growing, though it still needs more in the red/pink spectrum. Blue is ridiculously difficult to achieve through natural dyeing (especially if you’re not using that’s a source of indigotin, and that is an entirely separate dyeing process) so it will be warm colours, and green, only.

Not sure what it wants to be yet, image-wise, but it’s reminding me of the current state of Ontario as we jump from spring headlong into summer. Despite the autumnal cast of the yarns, the province really is all green with some yellow and pink highlights from wildflowers. One of the best times of year here.

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