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              Several months back I bought this braid of merino/yak blend fiber from A Verb for Keeping Warm. The faint blue tinge is a light indigo overdye, and while the fiber has sat pretty … Continue reading

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McCall’s 3341 – A-line skirt

                              For my first non-bag/not-made-in-a-class sewing project, I picked McCall’s 3341, View C, a simple knee-length A-line skirt. At first I wanted to take a class … Continue reading

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Russian supported spindle

As a little holiday present to myself, I ordered this: That’s a Russian-style supported spindle, superbly made by hand by Lisa Chan of Gripping Yarn. Supported spindles, unlike drop spindles, rest on a hard surface while spinning. This makes them … Continue reading

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A new option for Ottawa locavores: Manotick Village Butcher

One of the biggest adjustments in moving from a good-sized US city to Ottawa was the lack of choices when it came to food, especially animal products. I used to be able to buy all local, free-range (and I mean … Continue reading

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Don’t thank me, really

Every year my alma mater, Wellesley College, hits me up for money in their annual giving drive. And every year since my Wellesley degree has led to a decent income, I’ve given a (very) small donation. It’s something I’m happy … Continue reading

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Grab bags from Darrell Thomas

Ottawa’s not a great place to buy fabric. Last time I asked someone where the best place to buy fabric was, the answer I received was, “Montreal.” If you’ve got a little money to burn, however, there is one great … Continue reading

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Combing with oil

Last time I combed mohair locks (again, for embroidery thread) I was frustrated with the how static made the slick fibres fly all over the place.  It was a little difficult to control, both in the combing and spinning, so … Continue reading

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