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FO: Boreas sweater

So what the hell happened between the end of 2013 and now? Well, I finished my thesis, graduated, got a job, got another job, and finally brought my beloved pony up to Canada. She has adapted quite well to the … Continue reading

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FO: Hey Hey, My My

              Compared to my progress on other knitted items, my version of Reiko Kuwamura’s Hey Hey, My My went by very quickly–I started it in April, worked on it mostly in June, and cast … Continue reading

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Aurora Yarn

At last, I finished spinning the aurora batt. This project came about through a series of events that involve hand-thrown pottery, the northern lights as seen from Ontario, a Boston convent, and one of my spinning classes in Toronto. It … Continue reading

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First finished adult-sized sweater. Ever.

              After a lot of calculation, frogging, and reknitting, I finally finished my Rocky Coast Cardigan. I knit every section of this cardigan at least twice, with much annoyance and knitting math involved. It’s … Continue reading

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Lanesplitter skirt

              At long last, I finally finished my Lanesplitter skirt. It didn’t take long to knit, as it’s done on pretty big needles using a rather thick yarn (I used the suggested Noro Kureyon). … Continue reading

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It’s a widely known fact that it is damn cold in Canada, even in a city as far south as Toronto. Even in late fall and much of spring, as well as the long winter. So what does one do? … Continue reading

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Quick reversible bag

A few months ago, my friend Alex mentioned wanting to learn how to knit. She’d learned once, as a child, from a relative but it had been a decidedly less than relaxing experience, and she’d forgotten how. I offered to … Continue reading

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