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Canadian Production Wheel

Also known as a CPW, this kind of wheel was made in Quebec in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with its main features being a large drive wheel, iron fittings, and a tilt tensioning system. These old wheels … Continue reading

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sharing the knowledge

For a while I’ve noticed that there aren’t a lot of opportunities to learn to spin in this region, which surprised me given this area’s long history of fibre arts activities. There are a couple of guild-affiliated classes around, but … Continue reading

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babies everywhere! (and Ariadne Knits)

I have so many friends who are having kids right now (and oddly, all of them have had girls so far), so it’s bootie/baby sock mania for me. I found this pattern for lacy baby socks and quickly knit up … Continue reading

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the Pidge and being “green”

Recently there’s been a bit of buzz on ravelry about a new little garment called the Pidge. Basically it’s an 1/8 of a scarf, with buttons, to be worn around the neck as a sort of collar: The makers of … Continue reading

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Thank you Nadia!

Believe what you may have already heard: Ravelry is, in fact, the best thing ever to happen to knitting online. There’s something very satisfying (and not just because of my OCD tendencies) about being able to log and catalogue all … Continue reading

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