Rigid heddle houndstooth/pinwheel scarf







After a long, graduate school-induced blog slumber, I decided it was time for a new post. And so I went through some photos of my more recent fibre arts projects, including this handwoven scarf, begun way back when, and dormant on the loom until this past December. I decided to finish it as a holiday gift for a friend, and was pretty pleased with the result (excluding the beginning of the scarf, where I beat the weft a little zealously and distorted the pinwheel/houndstooth motif). The recipient was quite happy with it too, so that was icing. Here’s a shot of what the majority of it looks like, all satisfyingly even:







The pattern is simple: alternate two warp strands of each colour, and the same for the weft. I twisted the fringe (four strands per, er, fringelet, I think) to finish it. This is a quick and easy tutorial for twisting fringe.

I think I’ll get another scarf on the loom this summer, probably with something handspun as weft.

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