Advice to myself, about four years ago

Once I really got the hang of spinning, I wanted to spin everything. In my effort to spin as many different fibres as possible, I bought a wide variety to try out. Rather than buy project-sized amounts of one or two types of fibre, I’d buy an ounce or two of several different kinds. This was great for experience but lousy for creating a usable end product. I now have many skeins like the one above, or the one below, which weigh in at 2 oz. or less of worsted-plus weight. What can you do with 2 oz. of worsted weight yarn? Not much.

My advice to myself back then would now be: 1) buy larger amounts of single types of fibre, and/or 2) spin finer. I’m going to try to use up as many of these skeins as possible with a weaving project like the Spaced Out Felted Scarf. Some more advice for my students too, as much of my advice comes from being largely self-taught and having no one else’s mistakes to learn from.

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8 Responses to Advice to myself, about four years ago

  1. Melissa says:

    Your yarn in gorgeous, I’m sure it’ll make a even more gorgeous scarf with the two of them together.

  2. Leslie says:

    Thank you… the trick is going to be finding a way to combine several different colours in one scarf, so they look good together. I may have to fall back on incorporating some millspun yarn in neutral tones.

  3. Heidi says:

    What good advice, and most timely for me. I have been playing with different types of fibre and am thinking that I really need to be getting a little more at a time!

  4. Karen says:

    Maybe you could incorporate them into a scribble scarf, a la Debbie New? That’d be both cool and unusual, no?

  5. Leslie says:

    Good idea about the Scribble Scarf, karen. I hope more people come forth with ideas! And I’m happy to help, Heidi; also it was fun to meet your fella at the butcher this weekend.

  6. inkberryblue says:

    Great advice thank you. (It’s so long ago since I learnt to spin I think I’ve forgotten how to.) I like the idea of a Scribble Scarf too!

  7. jessyz says:

    I love the first colorway, I am just starting to knit but I mainly crochet so I kept thinking squares and afghans :-)

  8. Leslie says:

    I’ve got to learn how to crochet… it goes so much faster than knitting!

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