Snow >> ice storm







It’s snowing in Montreal, which is greatly preferably to being in Toronto, where a massive ice storm has knocked out power and multiple forms of transit. It’s a good time to get some spinning done, in between trips out for food and espresso and beer. I’m trying to get through my first batt on a supported spindle, which technically I started several months ago (just before a walk up Mount Royal) and then put aside for several months once school began again. I’m not exactly a production spinner, I’ll admit.

I picked up some naturally dyed (with cochineal and indigo) yarn from a new shop here in Montreal, to use to make Rock Island. It will be a nice break activity when I’m back in Toronto, holed up with SPSS to finish my thesis. Although right now, with a massive winter storm headed this way, I may be staying in Mtl a bit longer than I expected…

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