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Ottawa’s not a great place to buy fabric. Last time I asked someone where the best place to buy fabric was, the answer I received was, “Montreal.” If you’ve got a little money to burn, however, there is one great store for sewing, and is probably the only fabric store in the city that’s not stuck in about 1990. I’ve gone to Darrell Thomas Textiles in the past, mostly for buttons as their textiles are almost entirely out of my price range and not really what I’m interested in working with. Once in a while, however, they sell bags of manufacturer samples for $5/each (50 to a bag). It’s stuff that would otherwise get thrown out, but there’s a huge demand for these bags! (And I like the fact that all of the proceeds go to a local cat rescue.) Although the fabric pieces are small, they’re big enough to incorporate into another project, and I picked up two bags last week in hopes of finding some background fabric for embroidery. Here’s a look at some of my favourites from each bag:

Wool crewel on cotton, you can imagine why this costs $200/m:

Lots of silk:

I was swayed by the giraffes into picking up this particular bag:

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