Future of the blog…

I first started blogging in 2004; this assumes you don’t count my original forays onto “online diary” sites in the late 90s, and Livejournal throughout my time at Wellesley. I remember graduating and keeping the LJ alive for a while, then switching to Blogger, which led to all sorts of live adventures (for real). WordPress was the next step, but I feel like blogging’s time is past. These days I’m active on Facebook to keep up with friends, and Instagram for the social-media-dopamine-hit. Most of my fibre projects, as well as an awful lot of sheep and horse and science dork (me) photos, are on IG.

Occasionally I get the idea for a blog post that I end up turning into a pitch to one of the magazines I write for. Might as well get paid for it, right? I think I may retire this blog–I might keep the posts upbut relegate them to background and use my eponymous domain name for self-promotion. Maybe I’ll change my mind, though. Who knows.

But rightnow, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some editors to email.









(Basically my Insta content, right here)

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