I went to Montreal on Saturday, filled with plans for the day that almost all fell through. Fortunately Montreal is the kind of city where you can always find something interesting to occupy your time, and it wasn’t long before I was visiting a few favourite places, including Ariadne Knits.

It’s not often that I spin Merino wool. For a long time the commercial spinning fibre market has been saturated with the stuff (of widely varying quality to boot), leading me to largely ignore it after my earliest spinning efforts in 2005. I did buy a braid of it in 2007, the same braid that became my Focused and Distracted skeins this fall. Picking up again at the harvest festival in Dunvegan, I found I really enjoyed the soft, almost spongy drafting after a long period of spinning low-crimp fibres. At Ariadne this weekend, I resolved to pick up a braid of the store’s hand-dyed merino. With the cold, dark, slushy weather outside, I was drawn to the yellows of the Impatiens colourway:

Yellow! I’ve never liked it, but I think my colour preferences are changing. I’m going to spin it on my Bosworth spindle, I think.

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