quick and easy (mismatched) mittens

Using a basic, any-yarn/any-gauge mitten pattern from Kate Gilbert, I dashed off these mittens a few weeks ago:

Unfortunately, while the first mitten fits great, the top decreases on the second were completed after I’d had a few bottles of St-Ambroise Blonde, resulting in a mitten that really doesn’t match the first in terms of length and fit. I’ll probably rip back and redo it.

The yarn was Ella Rae Kamelsoft, severely discounted in an oddball bin at a local yarn store. It’s a 75/25 blend of merino/camel and is extremely soft, but the loose spin probably means it won’t be all that hard-wearing. I don’t buy a lot of yarn anymore because of how much spinning I do these days, but it’s still nice to work with a decent millspun yarn from time to time.

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  1. Sasha says:

    I been knitting a lot of hats lately, and the problem with knitting hats is that the rounds upon rounds of mindless stockinette lull you into thinking that you’re actually getting the hang of this beer+knitting thing, when really you’re not and you never will, and that becomes abundantly clear when you get to the crown decreases.

    Is what I say.

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