FO: Boreas sweater

So what the hell happened between the end of 2013 and now? Well, I finished my thesis, graduated, got a job, got another job, and finally brought my beloved pony up to Canada. She has adapted quite well to the cold by growing a shaggy yak-like coat; I, however, must resort to other options to keep from freezing when it dips to -20 C (which, to be honest, it hasn’t much, since… global warming?).

Anyway, my biggest project and proudest stash-busting event of 2015 was the knitting of this gorgeous sweater to ride in on cooler (not cold…) days. I used up about six skeins of Philosophers Wool that had been sitting in my stash for 10 years or so, and ended up with a warm, slightly itchy (that’s what turtlenecks are for), and cute sweater for riding. It’s perfect, except of course my partner wears it better. But here it is with me, and the pony:









Action shot:








I would have done close-ups, but I prefer the pony pics. Feels good to blog again!

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3 Responses to FO: Boreas sweater

  1. Mary Lou says:

    I was googling around to see if anyone ever spins horsehair and landed here. This was simple speculation from the giant pile my Fjord mare is leaving these days. Not a spinner, just a knitter. Nice sweater!

    • Leslie says:

      Thanks Mary Lou! I actually wrote in article in Spin-Off last year about spinning horsehair–long story short, you can do it, but it’s best done with fibre from a breed called Curly Horses (they have a longer, softer, and curled coat that lends itself better to spinning).

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