September sweater

Back in the spring I had this grand idea that by fall, it would be safe enough to travel to Montreal for a short vacation. Take my journals and cameras, stay in a fancy hotel downtown, grab a drink with friends around the corner at Brutopia, sit in parcs and catch up, whatever.

Of course, COVID is still here, not enough people are vaccinated, and though the risk to myself is small, I didn’t want to be an unwitting vector to the vulnerable populations of the city, so I cancelled. Alas.

Part of my plan was to knit a cute sweater to wear as the weather got cooler. While it’s been delayed, it hasn’t been cancelled outright, and I am almost done. Almost.

Oh, the satisfaction of freshly blocked pieces!

I’m now seaming while streaming my favourite genetics conference… to recreate the authentic genetics conference experience (I have finished sweaters at a variety of genetics meetings). Mattress stitch is time-consuming but requires little frontal lobe use, so ideal for these situations:

Clips essential when seaming curves

Oh, and this is also my first Custom Fit pattern–I’m very keen to see if it actually fits! It might be a little tight in the upper arms since I’ve gotten in much better shape since I started, but perhaps I can block the sleeves aggressively.

The reverse of the seam. Probably one of my favourite seams, actually

Am I blogging again? I think I’m blogging again. Living life like it’s 2005!

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