oh hey I’m cool again

Granny knitting blogs are back in style, according to some techbros who unsuccessfully tried to break into the knitting world and “improve it” this week. So here I am.

Among the many new skills I cultivated once things like going out and socializing and other forms of fun became too dangerous, was crochet, a craft I’d long tried to learn and given up in frustration. Maybe I just never tried that hard–after all, I think a lot of crochet is ugly (sorry!) and I also associate it with a relative who is a) a hardcore crocheter and b) pretty mean. So there’s that. But with one of those cheap promo subscriptions to Craftsy Blueprint Craftsy, I learned to crochet from a couple of videos in less than an hour. Turns out it IS easy. And fun. And goes quickly, and eats up tons of yarn, and all the other things people have been telling me for years. So without further ago, here’s my first project, finished in early 2020 and still not blocked yet:

The yarn is some old outdated base but in the Kim’s Barn colour way from The Blue Brick. My old iPhone has done a great injustice to the actual colours, naturally.

Detail shot above. Yarn chicken led to a slightly shorter shawl than predicted, but I was able to use the remaining yards to add on this decorative pointy edging. It reminds me of a stegosaurus.

I also realized the importance of good tools. I have a pile of old dented crochet hooks from craft/hobby stores from the early 2000s (iteration #1 of attempting to learn to crochet), but I received a set of Tulip hooks as a gift and WHAT a difference. So much easier on your hands and arms. (Cute little carrying case not shown.) Tulip makes my favourite embroidery needles so I’m not surprised.

Feels good to be sort of blogging again. So many momentous things in my life happened because of a blog, way back when. That’s a story for the memoirs.

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