Focused and Distracted

Here are the two skeins I wrote about in my last post, both of which used Fleece Artist merino top I picked up a few years ago. The skein on the left is how I intended the yarn to be made: colour changes preserved through chain-plying. The skein on the right uses the same singles (top split lengthwise and spun to create long sections of single colours), but I wasn’t paying attention and started to Andean ply it by mistake. If you look closely, you might see the part where I even started plying in the wrong direction–obviously, my mind was on something other than the yarn. I think the colours look better in the 3-ply, and it’s a much sturdier yarn that better suits the fiber, but I was surprised how much I like some of the colour combinations in the 2-ply. Call it experiment and I’ll throw them both in the pile of skeins too small to do anything with.

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