Another riding sweater?

So, ages ago, I knit a lovely riding sweater to wear when working the horses in cooler weather. I actually haven’t worn it that much, due to needing to redo the zipper, add a clasp at the top, and being reluctant to let something that took so much time to make become covered in pony slobbers. Despite this, I’ve decided to make another sweater for riding anyway; this one is specifically going to be for wearing at a clinic with my coach in Quebec next year. If it doesn’t get too filthy, I’ll also be able to wear it when I swing down to Montreal from the Laurentians on an off day.

What pattern, you ask? I have no idea. I do know, however, that it will be made with fleece from my barn’s new flock of fiber sheep. (This has all been very exciting, let me tell you.) I did a small swatch of semi-woollen, sport/DK-weight yarn from a BFLxRomney ewe by the name of Diesel, and it’s perfect light sweater material:

Diesel is closely related to the sheep that produced the Grand Champion Fleece at the Royal Winter Fair this year, so she’s got good genetics. The whole flock is young so I have to wait til next year for their fleeces, but I can’t wait. (Also, in case you’re wondering, sheep are DELIGHTFUL — seriously. Sweet and smart and hilarious.) Diesel (front) and her sister, Elisabeth:

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