wee tiny socks

Just a brief update of some wee tiny socks I knit for a mail art swap.

I used this pattern and my smallest needles (US size 2) and the finest yarns I had: some fingering-weight unknown green stuff (the bag says “100% fibre inconnu” though the burn test points to mostly wool with some synthetic content) that was $2.49 for a huge bag at the Giant Tiger, and some laceweight Misti Alpaca. The Misti had to be triple-stranded to match the weight of the bargain green yarn, but in the end they matched pretty closely in size. I made one of each colour, resulting in Christmas colours or, as a sailing enthusiast friend of mine suggested, “port and starboard.” For the swap they’ll be attached to a postcard somehow, probably with a port/starboard theme as the background. I’ll post a picture of the finished product when it’s done.

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5 Responses to wee tiny socks

  1. Shiv says:

    Have you heard the McGarrigles sing about Baby Lily’s port and starboard socks?

  2. quenouille says:

    haven’t heard that one, Shiv. what album is it on?

  3. Shiv says:

    The Christmas one released last year…

  4. quenouille says:

    ah… I’ll have to look for that song on iTunes.

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