babies everywhere! (and Ariadne Knits)

I have so many friends who are having kids right now (and oddly, all of them have had girls so far), so it’s bootie/baby sock mania for me. I found this pattern for lacy baby socks and quickly knit up this pair:

The pattern calls for size 0 needles and the smallest I have are 2’s, so the socks would fit a toddler better than a baby. I also added an extra row to the heel flap in order to avoid the ridge of reverse stockinette on the heel of the original pattern. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill’s Supersock (hand-dyed, machine washable, and soft–perfect for baby gifts) in the Dusk colourway and was purchased at Ariadne Knits in Montreal. Ariadne’s been an online shop for a while but only recently opened the doors of their brick-and-mortar shop. I have to say, I was really impressed with the shop. It has a very inviting layout that’s both airy (with the huge windows and uncluttered shelves) and cosy (with the woodstove and places to sit). The owners have done a great job stocking popular yarns that can’t be found elsewhere in Montreal (Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna’s Laces, and O-Wool, to name a few) as well as offering creative patterns exclusive to the shop, classes with well-known fibre artists and designers, and fun extras like embroidery kits. Although I went in just looking for a skein of yarn, I ended up spending a couple hours chatting, knitting, and drinking coffee with the owners. It’s definitely going to be a stop on my itinerary every time in Montreal.

I need to blog more pictures, including the other booties I’ve been working on, as well as my new spinning wheel(!). Unfortunately these past several weeks’ worth of grey, dim weather have meant the lighting in my apartment has been terrible for photos. There was actually about 15 minutes of sunshine this morning but I missed my opportunity with the camera. Maybe this is a good impetus for me to build a lightbox.

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5 Responses to babies everywhere! (and Ariadne Knits)

  1. Shiv says:

    They’re adorable! Am I right in guessing they’re Brooklyn bound?

  2. quenouille says:

    That pair is actually Boulder bound, but I am getting a double order ready to go to Brooklyn. ;)

  3. Kasia says:

    THose booties are adorable!

  4. Ebinla Birks says:

    Oooh, you’re so lucky that everyone’s having girls! Everyone I know is having boys, and pink is so much more fun. You NEED to blog about that new wheel ASAP! I can’t wait to hear about it.

  5. MM says:

    Hey I keep meaning to tell you once again how perfect Simone’s are — they are by far the ones we use most for her feet. Perfect size, perfect little ties to keep them on, perfect stretchiness! Thank you, again!

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